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RAF Armoured Car Companies, later to be incorporated into RAF Regiment

Personnel pictures and information of Patrick Kelly Wyatt No 2 RAF Armoured Car Sqn here

RAF Armoured Car Companies


Thanks to Ted ( Taffy ) Bishop for these.

When I got to RAF Habbaniya Iraq to join 2 Armoured  Car Sqn in 1949 all the cars and other vehicles were numbered 2 numbers 2 letters 2 numbers or the other way around] we had to paint them out and replace with RAF & NUMBERS.

My first c/o there was Sqd/Ldr Childs and ex pilot and a great c/o, played rugby with him in the Sqn team.
Ted [taffy] Bishop ex 2 A-C-S and 48(R) Sqn, 1948--19

2: Co Flt Lt Hayes, 3: Jim C, Jim R and Ted


1: Matt Matthews, Ted, 3: Jim and Wes

1: No 2Flt 2 Arm Car Sqn, 

More Pictures from Ted Click Here

No.2 Armoured Car Squadron

Ron Fairweather

Habbaniya Iraq 1951 - 1954

With thanks to Ron Fairweather for these pictures
Click on the Pictures to enlarge

Cpl Thompson

Beach Landing Evin Gibb 1953

Levies included


Tattoo-Battle of Britain

Anti British Riots (Habanniya)


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Xmas Menu No1 Armoured Car Company 1939

Thanks to Ian Turner for these pictures and information of his Father who served in the R.A.F from 1922 - 1929 and served in Palestine with No 2 Armoured Car Company.

LAC Tuner May 1925

Eddie Turner had been an apprentice blacksmith in a County Durham colliery. He enlisted in the RAF as a Blacksmith in 1922 at the age of 21.

Much of his of service was in Palestine in the Armoured Car Repair Section, but the last few months at Henlow included guard duty at the Cardington Hangars. Some of his friends had transferred to the Imperial Airship Service and were to be lost on the R101.


No 1 Armoured Car Company (RAF)These Pictures are of LAC Len Bayless whilst serving with No1 Armoured Car Company during WWII, kindly donated by John Bayless

On 21 December 1921 No. 1 Armoured Car Company RAF was formed at Heliopolis, Cairo, in order to support the concept of air control.

 The Company was equipped with Rolls Royce (A) armoured cars. The Company went through great changes in the years that followed from disbandment, re establishment, expansion to a Wing and then the return to Company strength.

 After the end of the war in Europe (8 May 1945) No 1 Armoured Car Company merged with No 2701 Sqn which on 25 Feb 1947 were renumbered No 1 (Armoured Car) Sqn RAF Regiment

No1 Armoured car Compnay Later to become 1 Sqn RAF Regiment

No1 Armoured Car Company 1944

Centre - No1 Armoured Car Company 1944

No 1 Armoured Car Company RAF

The Crest of No1 Armoured Car Company dated 1939, Centre- Near Kirkuk

Number 2 Armoured Car Company was formed on the 7 April 1922 at Heliopolis near Cairo.

No II Armoured Car Company was incorporated into the RAF Regiment on 3 October1946. In doing so the Company was renumbered No.2702 Squadron RAF Regiment. This was not a popular decision as many of the Squadron were ex-aircrew who had been made redundant after the war, and who had joined the armoured car companies on the assumption that they would remain independent of the Regiment.

A critical manning situation on the Squadron was experienced by the end of 1946 and this was attributed to the uncertainty of the Squadron’s future following its amalgamation into the RAF Regiment. After pressure by Squadron members and veterans it was renumbered as No II Armoured Car Squadron on 25 Feb 1947.

In 1949 the Squadron returned to RAF Habbaniya

involving itself in the routine of training, carrying out defensive operations to prevent theft from RAF bases in Iraq by the locals and rescuing downed aircrew and their passengers. The Squadron moved to RAF Shaibah, in the south of the country, at the same time as the death of the Sheik of Kuwait.

The Squadron was not only involved in parades and training whilst at Habbinya. After a period of tension local agitators incited a strike and demonstration of locals. This turned to violence on 8 June 1952. The demonstrators entered the camp destroying and burning the station fire tender, damaging other property and threatening life.

 An advance by the Squadron’s Armoured Cars forced a retreat for a short while, but when the demonstrators realized that the cars would not fire, they attacked. The Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader E J B Brown, ordered Flying Officer Haymes to shoot selected targets in the crowd. He opened fire, firing 5 shots and the Commanding Officer fired 3.

The crowd dispersed leaving 5 of their number wounded. This was followed by several days supporting the police in arresting local agitators, which resulted in the end of the strike and an imposition of peace

In the January 1953 the Squadron moved from Habbinya to Sharjah via Baghdad. They remained there until May when they were ordered to hand over their armoured cars and return to Habbinya by aircraft. In November the Squadron was renamed No.II (Field) Squadron. For the first time in its history, the Squadron did not have any armoured vehicles.

These Pictures are from Keith Starr , Thanks Keith it really good to see these (early pictures)

Ex Flight Sergeant Frank Duncan Moody Starr, who served with No1 Armoured Car Company in Iraq 1939 to 1940,

Click on the pictures to enlarge

No1 Armoured Car Company 1939 on Parade with Rolls Royce Armoured Cars




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