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These pages are dedicated to all those ex RAF Regiment and RAF Armoured Car Sqn personnel, 

The Armoured Car Companies/Sqn's and RAF Regiment from the early years rarely get a mention so I am eternally grateful to everyone who have sent me pictures and notes about this very important period.

 63 Sqn RAF Regiment  1967 Tengah Times here

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Jim Rudd with the 2 ACC insignia Picture from Ted Bishop)

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Information needed please

Jennifer Minchinton is trying to find more information / pictures of her Granddad,

ASPEY , JOHN Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom Leading Aircraftman Regimen 2933 Sqdn., R.A.F. Regt. Service 1100992 Killed 10/08/1944 Age 30 . BARI WAR CEMETERY Grave ref XV A. 36

please contact me and I will pass on the information

Pictures from Ted (Taffy) Bishop ex 2 (Armoured Car) Squadron 1951

No 2 Armoured Car Company incorporated into the RAF Regt and re-numbered 2702 Squadron 3rd October 1946 in Palestine. Re-Numbered 2  Armoured Car Squadron 25th February 1947 at Ramleh (Palestine).

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1: 2:

1: Jim, UK, Jock and Taff Lewis 2: 2Flt 2ACS

Ted Bishop

2 Armoured Car Squadron was going strong when I left it in 1951 at RAF Habbanyia Iraq, I remember painting the registration plates from two numbers, two letters, two numbers to RAF and numbers apart from the usual messing around in the dessert, We did a parade along with the Army and the Navy in Kuwait when we were showing the flag after the death of the ruler,

Click on the pictures to enlarge

A lot of happy times on here, Kuwait was a dodle, the food we had there and waited on at table, wonderful experience...Ted

In Kuwait

Pictures From Dennis Sibson, Im waiting for further information on these Pictures and ill update as soon as possible, I have tried to restore the pictures and remove scratches as much as possible.

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Frank Miller

I was attached to 63 L.A.A Sqn at R.A.F Tengah this was during the Indonesian confrontation period and we had L40 gun at Bukit Timah where we used to do a fortnight at a time on the position. with my oppo's we spent many a Saturday night on 'boogie' street. We also spent some time in Hong Kong during the time of unrest when the 'commies' were causing trouble and spending time guarding the 'golf balls' meaning the radar station up on the hill overlooking Hong Kong and watching the planes land at Kai Tak airport. I loved my time in 'Singas' and Hong Kong. Time has gone by it's now 40 years since'demob'.

Frank "Dusty" Miller served from  October 1962, completed his basic training at Bridgenorth and then Catterick. Frank was then posted to R.A.F Upwood in Feb 63 and then went to 37 Field Sqn and then to Aden in June 63, The Sqn rotated between Khormaksor, Makeiras,and Bahrain with about two months in Kenya

 When we came back in June 64 it was back to Catterick a period when we took part in the Farnborough Air Show and also I with others from the Sqn went down to Wells-next-the Sea and acted as extras in the film Operation Crossbow, so my claim to fame is I was in the same film as Sophia Loren!. In Sept/Oct 65 I was posted to 63 L.A.A Sqdn and served on the Sqn until I was flown home for demob in Feb 1968

Thanks to Tony Boatfield (Son of Arthur) for these pictures and information of 2777 Sqn RAF Regt

Left: Group Photo plus my father, Pilot Officer Arthur Boatfield bottom row, second from left.

Centre and Right: Squadron funeral of a driver who died in an accident

Left : No 4 Flight 2777 Armoured Car Squadron Post-War

Right: Wing Commander J Higginson

Further details also here


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Thanks to Doug Gawley for these of the late Maurice Daley

28 LAA Sqn RAF Regiment Nicosia 1962

RAF Wilmslow Ground Combat Training Section May 1956. Photo sent in by George Anderson who is in middle row fourth from right.

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Thanks Ted Marston for these pictures Ted was with 1 Squadron when it was formed at El Adem, Libya. His flight Commander at the time was a P/O Witherow, who later ended up as Air Commodore
Witherow (RAF Regiment) taken 1959

Click on the pictures to enlarge

The Squadron also helped to recover some WW2 bodies from a crashed South African bomber in the desert, Ted was also involved in a lot of mine clearing with a view to BP/Shell prospecting for oil, also were involved in the Suez Crisis in 56

Tony Haynes RAF Regiment 1961 - 68

Click on the pictures to enlarge

HQ 38 Group, Odiham, 48 Field Sqn, Catterick 26 LAA Sqn, Singapore 26 LAA Sqn Bicester.

I jumped (parachuted) out of Hastings, Argosy and Beverley aircraft for three years. Dug trenches on the North Yorkshire moors in mid-winter with most of the squadron getting frost bite on the face. Sweat it out in Libya, down in the sand sea. Spent nights upcountry in Malaya, soaking wet and sometimes lost, well only for 24 hours until Sarge got his bearing right. Stood for 6 hours in front of St. Paul's, part of the honour guard for Churchill's funeral.

Click on the pictures to enlarge

1: Weston-on-the-Green, Beverley drop. Clean drill, 1200 ft. Alternate sticks. Date: 23-7-1962.

2: Observation Post 74 Charlie. Tampinis Cross Roads, Singapore. 1965/67. As OP Commander, my home from home. A helicopter crate turned upside down. Tar paper roof with all the trimmings. A long three years for me and the following: Sanderson, MaCaffery and Stevenson my oppos.

3: JNCO Course, Catterick 1962. Tony on Far Right

Click on the pictures to enlarge


1: Singapore, Jan. 1967. Group Capt. J.E.P. Thompson the Station Commander of RAF Changi, inspects a farewell parade of No. 26 LAA Squadron which is returning to Britain this month.

At the height of the confrontation, the Squadron was responsible with the Royal Artillery, for manning gun positions around the Changi base to cope with any low level attack on the airfield. The Squadron has been at Changi for three years the longest continuous deployment of an RAF Regiment unit since World War II. The Squadron has also served in Iraq, Jordan, and Cyprus.

(That's me front right - right marker)

2: C&R Flight, 26 LAA Sqn. RAF Changi, Singapore. 1966

Bottom row center FO Gilsennan (Pronto) Facing picture.....bottom row, extreme right me, Cpl Tony Haynes. To my left Cpl. Harry Sayers. Left of Gilsennan, Cpl. George Fisher (Fishwick). To the left of Fisher, Cpl. Bob Tanner. Right of Gilsemman Sgt Les. Manning. A great bunch of guys. The photograph was taken outside "Pop's Canteen" A place where the drink of the period was called "Tops", bottled "Tiger" with a dash of lime juice poured carefully on the top. Slurp! I can taste it now.

3: "On the alert" Observation post. 26 Laa Sqn. RAF Changi. Singapore 1966

Many Thanks to Paul Lewis for these pictures of C C Organ ex Sqn Ldr 26 Sqn RAF Regt

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26 Sqn Presentation of the Standard 28th Nov 1979 RAF Laarbruch with the reception at the LL Club

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Information from David Welch he believes above is 29 Sqn Mafraq, 1) The head fourth from right is myself Cpl Dave Welch,

2) Sqdn Ldr John Bangey  3) Sqdn Ldr Bangey and Flt Sgt Cash

Shortly after these photos I headed home tour x and the Sqn went to Cyprus where it was disbanded.

Thanks to Martin Prowse for these pictures

Alan Prowse  RAF Regiment in Egypt and Aden from 12 December 1947 to the 18th December 1949.

Thanks to Mick O’Donnell for this Picture

Michael (Paddy) O’Donnell (Front Centre)  during  WW2, possibly Amman, 1945

Paddy served mainly on 2788 Sqn RAF Regt during WW2.

Click on picture for Hi Res Version

My late father-in-law who served in the RAF Regiment during the 40's and until his death in the early 50's.

His name was James Alexander McDowell from Portstewart, Northern Ireland.

He served at various airfields in Britain during the war and was posted to Germany after the war. Although he had signed on for 20 years he developed cancer and died at the early age of 42. His final posting was to Aldergrove, Northern Ireland

Pictures from Howard Tonks


2727 Sqn RAF Regiment 1940-45

Many thanks to Brian Horton for these pictures and information below.

My father, Jack Horton, was in the RAF Regiment from August 1940 to October 1945 (number 1355544, 2727 Squadron) and became a Sergeant gunner defending against V1’s.

Jack Horton was Mentioned in Dispatches (London Gazette 14 June 1945) whilst stationed on the south coast.

Jack trained at Blackpool, Castletown and Caithness, then as a Corporal stationed at Syerston,  Nottingham (January 1941), and as a Sergeant at Hunsdon near Ware, Stapleford Tawny, Saffron Walden, Henlow, Felixstowe, Hornchurch, Romney, Worthing, Shoreham, Cirencester (around D-Day), and the Isle of Man.

Jack completed courses as a Sergeant in Filey and in 1942 took a 25 pounders course at Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppy.

His Skill at Arms records also shows courses at: Grantham (16-17 February 1943), North Weald (5 January 1943), Toddington (11 Nov 1943 - Lloyds Cup 1st class and 11-17 December 1944  Lloyds Cup again).

1: New recruits 1940, 2: 1941 2727 in Isle of Mann  3: 2727 at Filey


 4: Officers and Senior NCO's Filey 1943   5: 2727 at Wave Crest Hotel, Isle of Mann     6: 2727 Squadron RAF Regiment Around 1941

1945 2727  Sqn RAF Regt Lloyds cup Winners 1944

Below from the Book "in Adversity " Exploits of Gallantry and Awards to the RAF Regiment 1921-1945, showing Sergeant Jack Horton Mention in Dispatches.

Mentioned in Dispatches for a V2 Rocket attack in Nov 1944 Stapleford Tawney Essex, 17 Personnel were killed and 50 injured.

Thanks to Gordon Carle for these pictures

63 Sqn RAF Regiment

From the cover of the Tengah Times - Oct 1970

The chap with the moustache in the middle was Sqn Ldr Elmes

Tengah Times from my posting to Singapore. Units were invited to contribute articles (often from the Sqn "Joker") to the monthly issues when they were not away on detachment.

Click here for More from the Tengah Times

Samuel Holt (With thanks to Michael F Dixon for the following information)

Samuel Holt served with the RAF from July 1941. After basic training at Padgate near Warrington, he was transferred to Perdiswell near Worcester where he joined 790 Squadron. It was while serving at Perdiswell that the RAF Regiment was formed, and ‘Sammy’ served with the Regiment (initially 2790 Sqdn) until his demob at Hednesford in July 1946.

A group photograph taken outside Perdiswell Hall (1942)

He was an AA gunner involved in airfield defence and served at over 20 airfields in England before transferring to Belgium, France, Holland and Germany following D-Day and the advance through western Germany.

The airfields include Padgate, Worcester, Digby, Filey, Upottery (2896 Sqn), Honiton, Feltwell, St Athens- Llantwit Major, Felixstowe, Folkstone, Poole, Weymouth, Swanage, Bagington, near Coventry (Unit 4135 AA Flight),Fairwood Common- Swansea, Cardiff, Davidstow- Cornwall, Penclawdd- Swansea, Hednesford (2878 Sqn), Cranwell, Redruth, Truro, Boscombe, Locking- Weston-super-Mare, Clyst Honiton- Devon, Biggin Hill and Warmwell-Dorset, in England; Ghent in Belgium; Lille in France; Eindhoven in Holland; Bückeburg, Hameln, Hannover and Oldenberg in Germany.

LAC Samuel Holt (left) with his friend Frank Terry from Barsby in Leicestershire taken in 1943;

 photograph taken in the former German canteen in Eindhoven following liberation where RAF personnel mingle with the local girls ! (1944)

He was at Hannover when the armistice was declared but was to remain in Germany for a further year.




The RAF Regiment.net web ©  site and The RAF Regiment from 1984 © Web site have been created by Glen Beavis, both sites contain pictures and information gathered from many sources,  including my own personal knowledge.

Where possible I have given credit to the originators of the information, if I have infringed any copyright laws then please contact me